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Brakpan Aircons

Brakpan Aircons

Brakpan Aircons

Air -Conditioning Brakpan HVAC Contractor

Brakpan Aircons Your Air Conditioning And Heating Specialist Call Now 083-574-9480. A Division Of Compre Air Air Conditioning Johannesburg. Here Brakpan Aircons have been in the HVAC industry for more than a decade. Over the years we have worked hard to become the best Air Conditioning Contractor in Brakpan and HVAC Company in Brakpan. Air Conditioning Brakpan is a registered business and insured. Our trained technicians take pride in their work. Delivering reliable Air Conditioning Systems and AC Services throughout the Brakpan area. Whether its Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning or Industrial Air Conditioning. No project is too big or small for us at Brakpan AC.

Enjoy The Best Climate Control Options And Air Quality With Brakpan Aircons Satisfaction Guaranteed! Your health can become compromised from the quality of your air you breathe in. Things like mould. Poor ventilation. Animal hear. Pollution and chemicals are the many factors. That affect the quality of air you breathe. At Brakpan Aircons, we focus on supplying the bes, indoor air quality and indoor comfort.


Brakpan is a mining town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The name Brakpan was first used by the British boetman in the 1820s because of a non-perennial lake that would annually dry to become a “brakpannies pan”.

Brakpan Aircon Services

Our Air Conditioning Services in Brakpan are suitable for any size, home or business. Wether you need heating and air conditioning HVAC systems for your Factory. Warehouse. Office. Retail Store. Shopping Mall or Home. Get quality services and quality solutions to suit your needs. Brakpan Aircon cost effective Residential, Commercial and Industrial HVAC Services Brakpan include. Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs, Maintenance and Supply in Brakpan with financing options available. Aircon Services Brakpan also offer other services like Refrigeration in Brakpan. As well as VRF Systems in Brakpan. Whatever your cooling and heating needs are. Our service professionals will help you with heating and cooling services, satisfaction guarantee.

Aircon Installation Brakpan

Air Conditioning Installation Brakpan or AC Installation Brakpan. When it comes to Aircon Installation Brakpan for your home or office. Get it done by a professional! We install all kinds of AC Units Inverter or Non Inverter. From Reverse Cycle to Split. Ducted. Multi-Head. Portable and Wall or Window Mounted Air Conditioning Installations.

Aircon Repair Brakpan

Air Conditioning Repair Brakpan or AC Repair Brakpan. No matter what problem you’re having with your aircon unit. We can help, our qualified techs can repair any make or model of AC. Wether your compressor is giving you problems. Or your unit is no longer working. We will give you a free estimate on Aircon Repair Brakpan. With a 6-month workmanship warranty.

Aircon Service Brakpan

Air Conditioning Service Brakpan or AC Service Brakpan. Making sure your aircon gets serviced on a regular basis is essential. Aircon Service Brakpan routine maintenance keeps your ac units in tip-top condition. It also helps prevent costly repairs when aircons are not serviced regularly. Our maintenance program will ensure your ac unit is not only clean but operates.

Aircon System Brakpan

Air Conditioning System Brakpan or AC System Brakpan. We supply many Aircon System Brakpan. From a Split System to a Ductless Air Conditioner. Dehumidifiers. Air Cleaners. Mini Split. Heat Pumps. Humidifiers. Central Heating and Central Air Conditioning. We supply all makes and models of heating or cooling that best suits your comfort needs.

VRF Systems Brakpan

VRF Systems Brakpan or Variable Refrigerant Flow Brakpan. Provide a complete range of VRF Services including. VRF Installations in Brakpan and VRF Repairs in Brakpan. Our VRF Systems in Brakpan are state-of-the-art. Energy efficient, operate quietly and provide consistent comfort with zoned heating and cooling. Aircon Brakpan offer 3 kinds of VRF Systems including. Cooling Only VRF. Heat Pump VRF and Heat Recovery VRF.

Chillers Brakpan

When it comes to Commercial Refrigeration and Chillers Brakpan we are the best. From Chiller Repairs in Brakpan to Chiller Maintenance in Brakpan when you need us we are there. We can assist with Compressor overhauls and Energy upgrades. We also repair and maintain Bar Fridges. Cold Rooms. Wine Cellars, Fridges and Freezers in Brakpan. Emergency service and maintenance contracts available.

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